Virat Kohli : Masters in Batting Administration?

If only marketers could ensure product performances are as consistent and superlative as Virat kohli’s batting. Management courses teach us to ensure our strategies are based on solid plans and seamless execution. Still we fail. Not every launch turns out successful. Looking at how 2016 has panned out one can say Virat kohli has a better control with his consistency than a well laid out business plan

With the prospects of series win almost sealed, Virat Kohli, the young Indian captain deserves all the adulation that he has be credited with. As a batsman, he has indeed stuck a purple patch with captaincy only augmenting his credentials as the star batsman.

He already walks to a standing ovation every time he enters the pitch, something that was only reserved for Sachin. His records seem extraordinary, but can he be placed among the pantheon of greats who played for the country? Under the current circumstances, questioning his greatness would only be sacrilegious.

Eulogies from the experts notwithstanding, his greatness is different from others who have enjoyed similar adulation in the past. While watching him play, it appears his invincibility at the crease seems ‘engineered’ lending precision and predictability to the talent he has at his disposal. It looks like Kohli has cracked the code to remain consistent and top of his game all the time.

What makes Kohli different? His approach to the game reminds me of quality control measures that manufacturing firms deploy to overcome defects and improve performance, popularly called as the ‘six sigma’. An exercise that identifies ‘errors’ in the system and ensures processes are streamlined and adhered to without any deviation. Kohli combines his incredible talent, obsession with fitness, copious practice sessions, with attacking intent, constant game presence, high anticipation levels and incredible game awareness every time he enters the ground. If you look at every innings one can notice all these qualities at display. Credit should go to him as he strives to achieve this every time he walks in to bat. Perhaps it is this drive that makes him excel in managing those incredible milestones.

As some who started watching cricket in the late eighties, I must confess I have followed batsmen not just by the volume of runs they score but by the way they play. The thrill and despair brought in by their success and failures made their performances exciting. This uncertainty made me view it as individual flair they brought to the game and made me cherish the moments they stayed at the crease than the burden they brought upon statisticians.

As one can see Kohli is devoid of this uncertainty and one doesn’t gasp out of breath when he is facing the fastest bowler in the world. As one looks at Kohli’s playing career the numbers are often called out while citing his greatness and for the right reasons. His remarkable consistency makes him an outcome driven cricketer which augurs well for his captaincy as well.  Novak Djokovic is similar to Kohli in being efficient and effective with his outrageous consistency compared to players who played a decade ago.

And this might be the biggest change which Kohli might bring in to Indian cricket which focuses on the outcomes through processes more rigorously than his predecessors did. One can already see that in the current team’s approach to fielding and running between the wickets when Kohli is at the crease. All substance and less style perhaps!


2 thoughts on “Virat Kohli : Masters in Batting Administration?

  1. Yes. Rightly Articulated. Kohli ( Virat ) has infused what is called, ” Bell the Cat ” syndrome. He goes for the kill with finnese. Processes, channeled and Goals achieved seems to be the Dictum.
    Gokul, you have had an perfect launch pad.

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