May the force be with us?

In a planet in far off galaxy there was a land mass surrounded by oceans on three sides and was land locked on one side with hard to cross snow-capped mountains. The southernmost tip of this land mass has been ruled by two orders in the past four decades.

The first order came to power by focusing on language and infusing regional pride among the community. For representation purposes let’s call it the ray of light.

The second order which was a splinter group from the first order, owes its origins to a steadfast dissent from the first order. For representation purposes let’s call it twig of two leaves. Presently there is bitter power battle that that is affecting the second order. Unlike the first order, the second order firmly believes in a ‘force’ that finds it’s mystical origin to the leader.

The force which permeates through the party members and its supporters and owes it’s presence to the supreme leader and his/her magnetic appeal.  The force inspires everyone to be subservient and find glory in that calling.

The force and its presence in the supreme leader confers extraordinary powers beyond the realm of mere mortals. The supreme leader on his part exudes infinite charisma and holds mass appeal. His subordinates uphold high order reverence to supreme leader and considers him/her scrutiny. The members of the second order are known only to exist as pale shadows of the supreme leader and can only survive as long as he/she casts her benevolent attention. They draw sustenance for their existence from the compassion of their supreme leader. Besides the leader to whom the force traces its origin has physical charms like fair complexion likened to the lotus which has furthered their appeal. So far the second order (the twig with two leaves) drew inspiration from the force and survived because of it. The force puts leader in the center of control and everyone follows suit.

Given that second order depends on force and force depends on it’s leader, the second order faces existential crisis without it’s charismatic leader. With the empire from north and heir apparent from first order close on their heels, it has become a struggle for the second order without the ‘force’

As the ‘lady’ and the ‘lieutenant’ battle it will be interesting to see how the power struggle will reinforce the potency of force. Many argue that ‘force’ is a thing of past as both the factions don’t have the necessary ‘charm’ to command with similar effect.  Interesting times ahead.


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